Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Weekend Redux

Hayden fell asleep pretty early on Christmas eve. Around 8:30 he was ready for bed and watching a movie upstairs in our room. He slept hard too. Harder than I ever remember sleeping on the night before the best present getting day ever.
He came into our room about 6:30 am and laid in bed with us watching Spongebob while we lightly slept. At 7 am both Brian and I were so excited to get downstairs and see what Santa had brought that we jumped out of bed, got dressed and brushed and headed down the stairs.

He reveled at the Star Wars Grievous Helmet Santa left him under the tree and was shocked to see Little Big Planet 2 hidden behind some ornaments. The rest of his presents were more video games, lots and lots of Legos and Star Wars toys. He was extremely happy.

After hours of playing, building and running around he cuddled with daddy at Papa's house on Christmas day.

We had an amazing Christmas full of awesome memories. It was Brian and my 13th Christmas together and the best yet.

His coworker gave him this gift; a picture he took of us at their work party a couple weeks ago.

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