Monday, December 5, 2011

The Road-Trip: Sacramento Show!

Our road-trip to Sacramento was bittersweet. We had an amazing time, saw our amazing friends, played a kick-ass show, and then had to leave too soon.

Hayden was the perfect little traveler. He was totally content watching his movies, eating road snacks, and enjoying the views.

It was a beautiful weekend in California. Especially where we stayed in Walnut Creek.

I loved just sitting on our friend Jimmy's porch watching the trees, something we don't have a lot of in Las Vegas.

Jimmy drove us up to Sacramento in his bad ass RV. It was a first for us; rolling into a show with our own RV like a real touring band. He got tired half way there and made me take the wheel. It was my first time driving an RV but it was fun!

When we got to the venue we were able to chill with our friends and catch up. It was an all around amazing experience. The club was packed, we sold a ton of merch, we put on a great set, and we actually signed some autographs while getting to visit with old-school homies we miss a lot.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it an awesome experience.

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