Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I learned in '11

Each year I like to look back and evaluate what I've learned. This year was full of growing, accomplishing, reconciliation, healing, determination and most of all love.

January 2011
We celebrated last New Years in Florida with my mom and stepdad. When we returned we settled in for a couple weeks then headed for our second trip to NAMM. Where we got to learn about a ton of music gear and meet a lot of talented people.

February 2011
I participated in a Community Couture Challenge Fashion show where I made an outfit out of tshirts and candy. My wonderful model Sarah Spraker rocked it and all the proceeds from the show went to the Nevada Children's Heart Foundation. You can read about it here. I learned that I can sew, somewhat at least. 
I was unhappy with my job for months. After weeks of sending out resumes and interviewing  a new position within the company I was already employed opened up. The new job has been great and I learned that if I kept trying I would find the right one. 
March 2011
The highlight of March was throwing myself an 80's Prom Themed Birthday Party. My friends all participated and we had a grand time! Definitely one of the best birthdays I ever had.

April 2011
We were treated to a traditional Russian Easter feast from our friends Chris and Lauren. They made a perogies with mushrooms, vodka soaked prunes, potatoes with cheese and bacon, and sauerkraut. They also made a ham, creamed cucumber salad, kielbasa, and made us take shots of Vodka with a pickle chaser.
It was a good time with friends and good food.

My dad got me an iphone and thus started my obsession with Words with Friends and Stupid Zombies.

May 2011
In May I learned that I needed to work harder on fixing myself. For over a year at this point my relationship/marriage was not in a happy place
Things were on the verge of being repaired but the overall state of our marriage was fragile. 
Then a good friend of ours passed away. This friend had given the toast at our wedding. He had known us both prior to us knowing each other and had taught us both a lot, as well as everyone else who had known him. It made me realize that I had lost my previous self in the fog of my stormy marriage and needed more than anything to fix myself no matter what the outcome of my relationship would be. 

I also learned that month that dressing more like a chick for our shows would get me free drinks.

June 2011
I got to watch one of my best friends from high school get married. 
Hayden and I had a date night and we discovered an awesome park just right down the road from our house. I got to see my two favorite bands at the Joint in the Hard Rock ; Deftones & Dillinger Escape Plan and on that night learned that fate sometimes comes when you least expect it. That evening we met Rob, a guy who was parked next to us and would later become our new guitar player. 

July 2011
In July we celebrated Hayden's 5th birthday and Brian's Birthday. It was a month of parties, some good shows, and valuable lessons in real friendships.
We got to see Queens of the Stone Age at the Cosmo pool and had a great time! Our guitar player Dave quit bipolar and we soon after got Rob to replace him.

August 2011
I bought myself a long board and promised to start skating again. I did as much as I could, but should do it much more now that I'm calling myself out. 
We played an awesome show on the Colorado river in Bullhead City, AZ with our pals Shrapnull. My first experience playing a show in my bathing suit.
We got to meet Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob and learned their friendship was helping 
Jason stay sober.
Hayden learned how much getting shots before school sucks, but then how sweet a reward ice cream is after the pain. Hayden started kindergarten at the end of August. It was a hard day for both of us.

September 2011
The highlight of September was camping in Zion National Park. Hayden learned after getting into a routine that school wasn't so bad after all. 

October 2011
October was a great month all around. We got to visit Brian's family in Washington. We got to play an amazing show at the House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay and we had a great Halloween.

November 2011
We had a mellow November. Full of snuggling, cooking, video games and being thankful.
We worked through a lot of our problems during the rough patch and things started to get back to awesome.

December 2011
This month was also full of awesome. We started the month off with a road trip to Sacramento. We hadn't been back in three years and I realized how much I missed California. The road trip was great. Hayden and I were stuck in the back seat of a truck for almost 20 hours and no one got hurt.
The show was AMAZING! We had a great time playing with such talented bands and seeing friends we've missed so much since our move. We got to stay at our good friend Jimmy's house and he let us rock his RV to the show which was pretty sweet and a first for us. We also had an amazing Christmas weekend full of love, fun and friends.

I am excited for the New Year. I have a list of goals, a book of blank pages to fill with love and adventure and a mountain of dreams I would really like to tackle in 2012. 
I'm in a great place right now and 2012 will be my year!

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