Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Minute.

Usually I have my Christmas shopping done by now. Usually I have hundreds of cookies baked by now. Usually I'm one million times more festive than I have been this holiday season.
Yesterday I received some gift cards from my family and as grateful as I was to get them I felt a huge weight of panic fall on me. I FORGOT TO TO SEND OUR YEARLY TRADITIONAL ORNAMENTS.
So now I have like 3 days to wrap up as much festive as I can to make sure I don't fail this year. Regardless of how broke we are I have ALWAYS sent something to my family.
Each year I pick out a cute picture of Hayden and make ornaments for all of our family. He posed for some shots the other night so now I have to pick the best one.

These are some of the outtakes.

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