Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Tis the Season of Giving...

Having published zines for over a decade I was more into providing content than the monetary value of advertising. I loved the cutting and pasting and copying at all hours of the night and only ran ads in trade or for friends to fill space.
When I published a real magazine at a newspaper I learned that advertising pays the bills so the writers can write and the artists can share their art. Now that I work in online advertising at a media company I'm not so opposed to sharing my page with someone willing to pay my bills.
I have opened up my blog to large and small advertising in the hopes that it might help, even a little bit. Especially now that I need to buy a new vehicle.
Please click on the advertisements and check out the awesome services and products they have to offer.
Also the donate button is for those feeling generous.
Every penny, click, or share is appreciated as I fight this financial battle.

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