Friday, February 3, 2012

Awesome-Sauce: Links of the week

Awesome-Sauce is my word of the month. Here's some awesome-sauce things that grabbed my attention this week.

-North Brother Island is a 13 acre island off New York that's been abandoned since 1963. Photographer/Historian  Ian Ference has taken some amazing photos there. The island has an awesome history having housed Typhoid Mary.

This Video:

Yesterday I stumbled on Sometimes Sweet's Open Letter to a budding college journalist, Lisa Khoury who wrote an opinion piece on why women shouldn't get tattoos. I felt the article was poorly written and ignorant, especially in this day and age. Then today Lisa posted a response to all the negative responses she got over her article. Being a former magazine editor/journalist myself I know what it feels like to get a negative response to something I've published. It's hard for a young writer to get personally attacked. She's learning the hard way to write objectively for her college paper, especially now that she's drawn so much attention. However, she "continued a conversation" on a point that a huge chunk of the readers didn't agree with, and just as a conversation face to face would have gone, it turned into an argument. We may not agree with her but she has the right to her opinion, and now has had to learn to be careful how she expresses her opinion.


30 Things to Start Doing For Yourself

This awesome Tree House Restaurant in Japan

And this beautiful setting for an amazing dinner with friends. Unfortunately Vegas doesn't offer landscapes like this.

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