Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Healthy (metal) Living : First Entry

Back in December I decided to try a little harder to get healthier. One of my first steps was reducing the amount of beer I drank throughout the weekdays. I was drinking heavier beers with tons of fat, carbs and calories and having 1-2 an evening during the week and more than I'd like to publicly admit on the weekends. After cutting it down to 1-2 a week for three weeks I lost eight pounds.
It's hard to cut down my beer drinking at shows, especially when I lose weight and dress up I tend to get more free drinks. But I noticed at the last few shows that one beer fills me up and then I want lighter mixed drinks. Mixed drinks also give me better stage presence, my liquid courage which I need seriously, NEED cause I get bogged down with my self-conscious worries and then look like I don't belong on stage.
Last night my husband Brian and I had a discussion about me working harder to lose weight. Mr. I-CAN-LOSE-WEIGHT-WHILE-EATING-FAST-FOOD-EVERYDAY has to work to gain weight while I'm working 5 billion times harder to lose it.
He's super supportive; one of his most amazing qualities. He fills me up with compliments that keep me motivated which is what a partner should do. Last night he told me that he noticed my butt was lifting up from my weight loss and it looked really nice when I walked up the stairs in front of him. Totally funny but motivating none-the-less. It motivated me to buy some healthy lunches for work and kick off a healthy eating regime for myself.

I started today with a VitaminWater Zero, Chobani low fat mango yogurt with a couple spoonfuls of Bear Naked whole grain granola. I also threw in a new daily dose of b12  (I bought all of this plus a 4 pack of low fat yogurt for under $10 at Target.)  I will also be dusting off my elliptical at least 3 times a week for 30-45 minute stints.
So this is my first entry documenting my journey of Healthy (METAL) Living. My goal isn't really to lose a bunch of weight since my BMI says I'm within my normal weight. My goal is to get FIT and feel more comfortable wearing a bikini.

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