Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No time for blah...

Being sick drained me of my patience over the last two days. Then I dealt with four hours last night of facebook messages, text messages and bullcrap regarding booking my birthday show in March.
Poor Brian was stuck with the backlash of the stress and the frustration but still made me an awesome grilled cheese sandwich and comforted me while we watched Workaholics.
I took some b12, drank a vitamin water and today is a much better day already.
I've been super busy putting together a Local Musicians and Artists Swap Meet/Garage Sale that is happening this Saturday.  Between emails, flyer design, event invites, advertising, vendor confirmation and my regular life I didn't have time to get sick or feel blah.
I'm very grateful my partner who helps pull me out of my funk no matter how stubborn I am.

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