Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Redux: All about the kids

Saturday Hayden got to attend his best friends birthday party. They celebrated at a ceramic painting shop. All the boys picked dragons but Hayden picked out an Angry Bird. Which he has of late become obsessed with.
He has been collecting Angry Bird temporary tattoos from the grocery store machines.

Sunday we got to hang out with our most awesome friends Steve and Heather who moved to Southern California from Sacramento a year before we moved to Las Vegas. We've been friends for years and hardly get to see each other anymore.
Heather and I were pregnant at the same time and their son Julian is 2 days younger than Hayden. We knew we'd be forcing our boys to be friends since they were babies, but now they are both 5 and no forcing is necessary. It's rare to find friends who raise their kids the same way we've raised Hayden and it shows with how the boys get along so well.
I miss having great friends close to us and I especially miss having friends with kids who "GET IT."

Here's a great family pic our friend Brian took at last weekend's First Friday.

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