Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Redux: Saturday Swap Meet, Sunday Funday

A couple of months ago I had an idea to hold a local musicians swap meet/garage sale. The picture in my head was to get some local bands, artists, tattoo shops and everyone else in the local art and music scenes together to network, promote, and sell our goods to the public for free. I sent out a bunch of messages on Facebook, Craigslist and talked to some friends to get people involved.
It slowly came together and ended up better than the mind picture I had taken, like how Instagram makes every iPhone picture better.
Vegas has First Friday which is a large monthly event in the downtown arts district where the two scenes get together. But it's large and it's not free for vendors. Being a zine girl through and through I tend to look at things in a DIY way and doing a smaller, free, more "metal" and "punk rock" event was my idea.
It was a beautiful day and a lot of vendors came out and had a good time. Hayden played with some other kids and had a blast all day.
At one point, while taking a break from being the social butterfly he is Brian held my hand and told me he loved me and that he was proud of watching my ideas come to life, which made my day.

We're planning on doing another one in May.

Sunday we spent the day with some friends and bbq'd. Hayden played on a new scooter my little brother David gave to him after he and my dad fixed it up. I am battling my yearly onslaught of allergies, but over-all
we had a great weekend!

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