Friday, February 24, 2012


Being a former zine publisher, graphic designer for a newspaper, and lover of books I have a deep seeded love for paper and ink. The smell of copy machine toner drives a chill down my spine as it brings back memories of late nights sneakily making copies of my zine at my work or ditching class to sneakily use the copy machine in the teacher's lounge at my high school. I quickly learned how to fix five different models of copy machines to cover my tracks after thousands of paper jams.
When I lived in the high desert of Southern California with no television or radio I dove into stories. At 12 I worked occasionally at an antique/knick knack store that carried all kinds of books. The smell of a dusty hard bound collection of stories inspired me.
When all these e-readers came out I was determined that I wouldn't give in and waste my money on one. Well, the universe was determined to crack my stubborn-ness. I won a Kindle Fire last week from a program with my advertisers over there ----->
I got it in the mail last night and already have 13 books downloaded.

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